Wanting to go S/E after PTSD

by James Mead.

Hi, I'm James. Around 4 years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD (that's 'Post Traumatic Stress...More info


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Name:James Mead
Zip code:CO6 1LH
About:I'm a 45 y.o. male living in the East of England. After a succession of dead-end jobs, I have decided to go for it and train to do the job I really want to do.

HELP Stop this Auction by APRIL 20th! It's All I Have..

by Lynn K.

I *urgently* need to raise $2,000 to immediately to pay my self-storage to prevent an auct...More info


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Name:Lynn K
Zip code:91357
About:Please refer to funding request and or ask directly.

Help me start my family

by eugene gan.

Dear Viewers I appreciate the time you have taken to read my mail. I am a great fan of ...More info


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Name:eugene gan
Zip code:530002
About:Hi viewers My name is Eugene and I am 26. I am currently living in Singapore. I have just graduated from Curtin University with a bachelor degree in logistics and supply chain management in late oct 2013, Achieving 2 high distinctions and 4 distinctions throughout my 8 modules. I am currently working as a procurement professional in a manufacturing company. My wife to be and i are planning to get married this coming dec 2014 and we have gotten our flat which has just arrived too. Both of us love to have hamsters as our pets and we had in total 8 lovely hamster throughout the years we been together. However, due to the debts, we had no choice but to stop keeping them.

Starting a life together

by Tyler Turner.

My fiancée and I were engaged at the beginning of February and it had been a long time co...More info


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Name:Tyler Turner
State:New Mexico (NM)
Zip code:88210
About:First and foremost- I'm very much in love with my fiancée. We are ready to start a life together but things keep going sideways. She was recently let go from her job. She was hired to replace someone who decided not to leave and after nearly a year of training we have to start rebuilding.

Post-Edu Project

by Debora Barbato.

Hello everyone! I'm a 30 years old Italian woman, I've moved to San Francisco 7 months...More info


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Name:Debora Barbato
City:San Francisco
Zip code:94117
About:I'm from Italy, but I live in San Francisco. I'm born and raised in the southern countryside of Rome, in a low income family. I've always worked to pay for my studies, but my family give me all the love they can, always, and support me with my choices. I love travel, and I travelled all around Europe and United States. I lived in London for a while in 2009, and in Boston in 2011, then I went back in Italy and started to work for Expedia, Inc until June 2013. When my contract with Expedia is finished I decided to move to San Francisco to study English and try to apply for an EDU+TRAINEE course. Why San Francisco? Because I think is a city which offers a lot of possibilities, and I'm talking about culture, education, and job possibilities. San Francisco is a city where everyday you can experience new feeling, meet new charming people, and feel free to be yourself.

Help me grow my family

by David Stoddart.

My wife and I are trying to erase our personal debt which was incurred through stupidity i...More info


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Name:David Stoddart
Zip code:K1E 1R4
About:I am a 35 year old Canadian male. I am married to a beautiful wife of almost 4 years. Together we have a 2 year old son. I never have thought it possible to love another human being as much as I do my wife and son. When I first met my wife 5 years ago I would never have even thought that I would be blessed with such a wonderful family. We really would like to add to it as soon as we can by having at least 2 more children and possibly adopting one after that. Unfortunately the stupidity of my youth, namely living beyond my means has put that plan on hold. Although, my wife and I have good jobs and haven't been out on a date in months we still can't seem to get ahead. It breaks my heart daily to see the stress she deals with when it comes to our finances. Although we have educated ourselves in money management it is hard to get ahead with our current debt load. I truly appreciate any help and generosity.

Catfish Profiler

by todd greenberg.

What is a Catfish? Good question! By now, i'm sure you have a basic idea of the term. T...More info


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Name:todd greenberg
City:los angeles
Zip code:91306
About:Who We Are The Catfish Profilers are a team of highly educated and experienced investigators, profilers, and trained professionals who conduct daily in-depth extensive investigations. We have over 20 years of hands-on experience in the office and out in the field. Experience is important when hiring an investigator because you need someone who you can trust and who has access to unique databases and private information, which is not accessible by the general public. Let's face it; if it were easy to find out information about someone then you wouldn't need us. Most public information found online is not accurate nor updated in real time that makes the information stale. This is where our expertise is surpasses everyone else, with our secure and confidential resources and techniques.

Veteran seeks Honeymoon

by Patrick Merriman.

My wife and I never got to go on a real honeymoon together. Life happened and I've dug a ...More info


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Name:Patrick Merriman
Zip code:93560
About:My wife and I got married in 2007 but were unable to have a proper honeymoon. We had our first child several months later and I'm in the Air Force and have deployed several times since. My wife also has chronic pain which make planning and going on family trips difficult at times. I've always tried to give my family everything that I can and that living above my means has finally caught up. Once I am debt free, I'll be able to use those principle amounts to really allow our family to getaway without any financial worry.

Help These 9 Orphans Attend School


In America, all children go to school, but in Kenya, that is not always the case. In my vi...More info


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Zip code:254
About:I am a young man from Kenya who is interested at helping those ones in need to get education.By profession I am a teacher/musician though I spend a lot of my time to educate my music students the rudiments of music. Early Childhood Education is my passion although I am a high school teacher.I like to see young children going to school.I am a christian when it comes to religion and I am married with two children.

Help the Victims of the Washington Landslide

by Jake Springer.

This project is to help the families and the community of Oso, affected by the Mudslide on...More info


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Name:Jake Springer
Zip code:98102
About:I am a student and a 3rd generation Washington native. My family & I feel so bad for the families of the Mudslide Victims. We hope to be able to help the community.

Bruno, the Anaheim Police Dog Needs Your Help

by Susan Hardy.

Bruno, is the 7-year-old Sable German Shepherd and Anaheim, California Police Dog. On 3/20...More info


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Name:Susan Hardy
City:Laguna Woods
Zip code:92637
About:I am a stay-at-home mom to 2 beautiful kids and 2 lovable dogs. I live in Orange County, and have spent all my life around German Shepherds. Our local Police Officers are some of the best and that includes the K-9 Officers. This story of Bruno and what he has been through really touches my heart.

Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue

by You've Got Funds.

Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue is changing the lives of Golden Retrie...More info


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Name:You've Got Funds
City:Los Angeles
Zip code:91308
About:As a happy and proud Pet Parent to 3 rescue dogs, including 2 Golden Retrievers, we are happy to raise funds for the GRCGLAR, Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue. YouveGotFunds is a reward based crowdfunding website dedicated to launching the next big idea. Co-Founder, David Sperling, has a strong background with sales and business development and a business degree from the California State University, Northridge. With his desire to succeed and his motivation to assist other new entrepreneurs, he developed YouveGotFunds to help others in their new endeavors. Not only can YouveGotFunds help promote a new business or a charitable cause, they can offer consulting in the different steps that arise after the initial idea is developed.

Owie BowWowie & Friends Foundation presents The 25th of Remember

by Gina Woods.

Did you know that each year there are 20 million children who are hospitalized with a life...More info


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Name:Gina Woods
City:Thousand Oaks
Zip code:91359
About:Years ago, Founder Gina Woods, was admitted into the hospital and was placed in a room with a little girl. The little girl was recovering from brain surgery and had no family or friends who were able to visit her. From that day forward, Gina's passion has been that no child would ever be hospitalized without a FUR-EVER FURiend named Owie BowWowie. Each year there are over 20 million children who are hospitalized with a life-threatening illness and 8 million of these children have no family or friends who are able to visit them, and this is when Owie arrives...

Help me attend International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris

by Marvin Rodgers.

I have been accepted to attend the International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris. It w...More info


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Name:Marvin Rodgers
Zip code:46514
About:I am a recent college graduate. I am having difficulty finding a job. Since jobs in my country are so limited. I am living in St Vincent & the Grenadines. I am 19 years old, with 9 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate(CSEC) subjects and 3 Caribbean Advance Proficiency Examination(CAPE) subjects. My main area of study in school was business so I have a strong background in how to manage a business. I am very hard working and regardless of how tough it gets, I will never give up.

Nicole College Help

by Nicole Coates.

My name is Nicole Coates. I have been accepted, and will be freshman at Cedarville Unive...More info


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Name:Nicole Coates
City:Kent City
Zip code:49330
About:My name is Nicole Coates. I have been accepted, and will be freshman at Cedarville University. I am currently planning to have a Pre-med major. I have always taken my education very seriously. I have a 3.97 GPA and an ACT score of 30. I am a member of the National Honor Society. Through my High School career I was always involved in sports, including, volleyball, basketball, softball and bowling. I am very excited to start this new chapter in my life. However, with expected scholarships and student aid I am about $8000 underfunded. I have already got a summer Job lined up but there is still a big deficit. Please help me continue my education! Anything is appreciated!

Save Our First Home with Baby on the way!!

by Lindsey Blake.

We need help saving our home. We have been struggling very hard for the past year and have...More info


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Name:Lindsey Blake
Zip code:77339


by J. Olee Abell.

ART OF HARCOURT is an online African art gallery and store. The idea was inspired from a q...More info


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Name:J. Olee Abell
Zip code:30319
About:A few things to help you get to know me better... Favorite Color: "Black, its a color that is always in style." Education: "I am a proud alum of Loyola University Chicago (masters)& University of Pittsburgh (bachelor) - Go Pitt!" Half Empty or Half Full?: "That, my friend, depends on whether or not you want a refil!" Heritage: " I am a first generation Nigerian American; the product of an American mother and Nigerian father." Why fund me: "My goal for 2014 is threefold: 1) launch an online African art gallery & store, 2)establish a business relationship with other artists to feature and sell their art with ART OF HARCOURT, 3) design a collection of African inspired home goods, and 4) open a physical, brick & mortar art gallery in Atlanta, GA or Nashville, TN. I hope to leverage this business as a platform for African inspired art designed by emerging North American & African artists." Interested? Feel free to contact me with any questions by email at contact@artofharcourt.com or by phone at 901-848-9278. Kindest Regards, J. Olee Abell

Helping Unfortunate Children

by Stella P Dugar.

It is a Star about Jesus Christ called THE STAR OF JESUS. It is made of Lacquered Brass. W...More info


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Name:Stella P Dugar
Zip code:30324
About:My name is Stella P Dugar, and the creator of THE STAR OF JESUS, created through the Revelation of The Holy Spirit. Nurtured through effective, fervent prayer and birthed into reality as you see today. I clear heard from the Holy Spirit that the star is Seven points because 7 means God's Perfections and 7 also regulates a period of gestation meaning the birth of Jesus marked the gestation (Conception) of the Salvation plan of God for all mankind on earth.

Hep Erick get a Masters

by Erick Mutshayani.

This campaign is for me, Erick Mutshayani, l want to further my education by pursuing a M...More info


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Name:Erick Mutshayani
Zip code:2190
About:My name is Erick Mutshayani, l am a 26 year old male from Zimbabwe, in Southern Africa. l am the second child in a family of four siblings. l want to further my education by pursuing a Masters of Arts in International Development at The University of Sheffield in the UK