Tips to make your crowdfunding campaign a success

How to succeed at Crowdfunding?

  • 1.    Have an inspiring story. When people believe in you or connect with your story, they are more likely to fund your project. They will often pass along your information to others who may be interested. Videos and photos help tell your story so that potential investors will want to be a part of your funding network.

2.    Family, Friends, Acquaintances, Co-workers, etc. Crowdfunding is based on your reputation and people believing in you. Let all the people that know you well, help spread the word about your new venture.

  • 3.    Cool perks. At YouveGotFunds, when someone backs your project, offer Fundies to thank them. Like a reward, a Fundie could be a T-shirt, a public thank you, voting on how a product is designed, or early access to a product or service. Offer multi-level Fundies based on the level of a contribution.

YouveGotFunds can help with all of these things. List your project with YouveGot Funds and get started planning your future!

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