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At YouveGotFunds, our website connects your new ideas with the world and our business development experts like no other crowdfunding site out there! Not only do we help you get funding, but we also help you create, monitor, and execute your business plan and advise you how to maximize your success!

Need a business license or info on domain names? We can take care of that! Want to file a patent to protect your design? Piece of cake. Our network of professionals can help you with that too. We can assist you with a To Do list, estimate your financial costs and provide you with a roadmap for marketing. If you need a logo or a website, we have expert designers that can bring your presence to the web and optimize its’ visibility within a matter of days.

YouveGotFunds is dedicated to funding your next big idea. Whether it’s a new business, film, CD, art project, invention, personal cause or technology, we believe in your creativity. We help you gain exposure to a wider audience, find funding and market your concept to transform your dream into reality. See how we compare to other crowdfunding websites.

It use to be that when you needed money, you had to go ask the bank for a loan, max out your credit cards or beg your friends or relatives for all of their money. In today’s world, luckily there are other options available at your finger tips. Did you know that Nanolight, the creator of the world’s most efficient light bulb asked for $20,000 to complete their product development through crowdfunding? Not only did they reinvent the light bulb, but they found an audience that believed so strongly in their product that they have raised over $135,000 with a month left in their campaign! Now that's how funding is done in today's world!

With our extensive business background, we have developed multiple start-up companies, derived from an initial concept to numerous successful and productive operations. With a combined 50+ years of experience in business, marketing, and operations, we can help you raise capital and connect with the right resources!

We have experience not only, in sales, marketing, and web-based businesses, but our contacts also include legal, accounting, human resources, web design and manufacturing just to name a few. Our team is comprised of all ages and experience. When you join our fund connection, you have access to all of these specialists at discounted rates within a matter of seconds. We’ve been there and done that: we've located qualified specialists from brick and mortar retail outlets to internet companies, publishers, photographers and much much more. We’ve got you covered. Want to join our network? Click Here.

With Crowdfunding, you have the opportunity to share your vision to the whole world over -the internet instantly. Through YouveGotFunds.com and our links to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, My Space and other social media sites, you can tell the universe about your projects and plans with just one click. You will find people excited and willing to help you because they believe in you, your idea, and/or cause.

Although this type of funding has been around for decades, it has only recently become a popular and desirable option. Entrepreneurs, artists, college students, senior citizens and more are finding this a powerful tool to validate their ideas, gain worldwide exposure, and raise capital. Ever heard of the Elevation Dock for iphones? Well, if you haven’t, you will soon. It is a newly designed docking station that can be used with or without phone cases. Initially, they had a goal of $75,000. They surpassed their target and raised almost $1.5 million from iphone users that saw an important need.

Even the Beach Boys have turned to Crowdsourcing to find people interested in participating in the making of their new concert tribute film. Finally, remember, Karen the elderly Bus Monitor that was verbally harassed by a bunch of students while trying to keep kids safe on the way to school? A proposal to raise $5,000 for a well needed vacation was suggested and an amazing $700,000 was raised. Now, Karen will most likely be enjoying her retirement.

YouveGotFunds is just as interested in your success as you are, and we will help you reach your goal as quickly as possible. While the completion of your project may often take longer, our recommendations for a fundraising campaign are 30, 45 or 60 days as we have found these are the optimal choices to complete a successful campaign.

Unlike some of the other funding sites, like Kickstarter, our fees are not based on the success of your fundraising. Nor, like Indiegogo are they based on the type of campaign that you choose. YouveGotFunds is positioned to showcase your cause or project and give you more exposure than some of the other sites.  

Allow us to help you gain public exposure and funding for your success. Besides you own friends and neighborhood, wouldn’t it be exciting if someone in England or Bangladesh loved your idea and believed in your cause. At YouveGotFunds, we believe in coloring outside the lines and thinking outside the box. If you can dream it, we can support you in making it a reality.


Recently, YouveGotFunds was on LA Talk Radio. Paula Guernon and her show "Don't Get Left in the Dust" explores multiple facets of entrepreneurship. The show's topics included What is Crowdfunding?, the difference between Reward & Equity Based Crowdfunding and how to create a successful fundraising campaign. (Part 1) (Part 2)


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